Introducing the regenerative imperative

Cacao can be the keystone species in an extremely productive (economically and biologically) forest matrix that functions as a carbon sink, a purveyor of cacao and other products important in the global economy, and a tool for shifting economic and social systems.

This potential is unattainable in the current economic model of post-colonial globalization. We cannot continue to justify our multi-capital debt with corporate financial profits. There needs to be a large scale reinvestment in the Living Capital that forms the foundation of our global economy if we are going evolve into an abundant future.

Enterprise Ecosystem

Multi-capital investments

Cacao Facts and Figures

5-6 million

Number of cacao farmers worldwide

40-50 million

Number of people who depend on cacao for their livelihood

4.5 million ton

Annual cacao production

3 percent per year

Annual increase in demand for cacao, for the last 100 years

$5.1 billion

Current global market value of Cacao

41 Million Ton

Of carbon sequestration

10 Million HA

of land worldwide is dedicated to the production of Cacao

10 years

Duration of ‘peak production’ period

” There’s always a story. It’s all stories, really … Change the story, change the world. ” – Terry Pratchett, a hat full of sky

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