Cholaca is the purest form of liquid cacao available. It is both delicious and healthy. For a rich and smooth chocolate touch add Cholaca to your favorite drink, or enjoy Cholaca alone as a healthy, decadent treat. We take great pride in using sustainable ingredients and a simple all natural process to create Cholaca. By consuming this product you are supporting the economic stability of farmers in Ecuador and helping to preserve the rainforest.

Yellow Seed is an impact-driven nonprofit website that connects traditional farmers worldwide to new markets, beginning with cacao farmers and chocolate makers. Farmers can share their stories, showcase their products and build consistent trading relationships while buyers can find new farms, read product reviews and connect with service providers to facilitate trade.

CaCoCo envisions a world that embraces environmental sustainability, social responsibility and healthy vibrant lifestyles. We are committed to this change by providing the highest quality drinking chocolate products made exclusively from whole, living, organic foods, utilizing ingredients from ecologically and socially sustainable resources with uncompromised integrity.

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